The finishing touch to the last MestresPrincipiants chapter
23 Jul 2021 /

The finishing touch to the last MestresPrincipiants chapter

Last Tuesday, July 20 at night, we premiered the last episode on the big screen, in the magnificent cloister of the Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània CCCC accompanied by many of them, as well as by many other friends. It was a real treat and a fantastic reminder of the 11 conversations around design that you can watch on our YouTube channel.
A project directed by Agència Districte and promoted by València World Capital of Design 2022.
You can watch the whole documentary film:
Chapter 1: Pepe Cosin y Mauro Federico Egea
Chapter 2: Andres Alfaro Hofmann y Angela Montagud
Chapter 3: Carmen Baselga y Diego March
Chapter 4: Sol Candela y Mateo Climent
Chapter 5: Sandra Figuerola y Migue Martí
Chapter 6: Cristina Duran y Diana De Arias
Chapter 7: Boke Bazán y Rosa Deltoro
Chapter 8: Ibán Ramón, diseñador, diseñador y María Gómez Senent
Chapter 9: Isa Viso (Granissat Estudi Creatiu) y Pepe García (CuldeSac Es)
Chapter 10: Dani Nebot y Jaime Sebastián
Chapter 11: Nacho Pérez y Dídac Ballester
¡Gracias a todos y todas, Mestres y Principiants!
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