EXHIBITION: Corona-crisis and culture. Proposals by Valencian creators

EXHIBITION: Corona-crisis and culture. Proposals by Valencian creators

- 29 Dec

Centre Cultural La Nau
Carrer de la Universitat, 2
46003. València

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The coronavirus pandemic is causing an unprecedented crisis that will affect every dimension of our existence. Experts from different fields of knowledge have shared their reflections in articles of opinion and interviews. The University of Valencia has taken this scenario and transformed it into an exhibition that can be visited at the Cultural Centre of La Nau. 50 Valencian creators from the field of design and illustration will offer 50 graphic proposals based on a selection of 50 texts by national and international experts that have appeared in the media and which reflect on the crisis.

‘Coronacrisis and culture: Proposals by Valencian creators’ is an exhibition project organised and produced by the Vice-rectorate of Culture and Sport of the University of Valencia, with the cooperation of the Directorate General for Heritage and Culture of the Valencian Government and the Department of Culture of the Local Authority of Valencia and it is curated by the Valencian designer Marisa Gallén, winner of a National Design Award in 2019.