EXHIBITION. Valencian design (2009-2019). Products for a global world

EXHIBITION. Valencian design (2009-2019). Products for a global world

- 18 Apr


Carrer Rigobert Albors, 8

03801. Alcoi


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This exhibition proposes a route through Valencian design product from 2009 to date, focusing on a careful selection of some 170 pieces that analyse the complexity and the experimental and innovative value of this field of design. The fact that the exhibition is held at the IVAM Alcoi pays a tribute to this city which was one of the focal points of the industrial revolution in Spain at the end of the 19th century, and to the inland regions of Alicante where a great tradition of productive industries continues to thrive. In this respect, the exhibition is oriented towards product design in its widest sense, ranging from objects that configure spaces on an individual level to those that enable us to spend time in public places, through the objects that enable us to meet, work or wait away from home.