Design and contemporary art come together in Valencia with the project  “Hoy es mañana”
24 Apr 2022 /

Design and contemporary art come together in Valencia with the project “Hoy es mañana”

World Design Capital Valencia 2022 and The Association of Art Galleries of the Valencian Community have joined forces in the project “Today is tomorrow” with the aim of linking the activities of the contemporary art galleries with the actions included in the framework of the design capital programme. 

The Institut València d’Art Modern (IVAM) was the setting today for the presentation at a press conference of “Today is tomorrow”, an initiative curated by José Luis Clemente and inspired by the exhibition “This is tomorrow” (London, 1956), which brought together artists, architects and designers to experience the integration of the arts, projecting a vision of the future in the new forms of life that were drawn at the end of the nineteen-fifties. 

The activities proposed by LAVAC, in the setting of its collaboration with World Design Capital Valencia 2022, consist of the scheduling of specific exhibitions, performances, talks, round tables and workshops which converge with the goals and principles posed by the New European Bauhaus (NEB). These activities will be held at the galleries themselves according to their usual schedule and will be announced throughout 2022 and during the first quarter of 2023.

Full program of activities 

Specific exhibitions, performances, talks, round tables and workshops, as an open medium to rethink the world.

Programme June 2022


  • Set Espai d’Art, (València). Talk “The relationship of Art+Craft+Design” with Manolo Martín. 10th of June at 7:00 PM.


  • Cànem Gallery (Castellón). “When the landscape shakes”, Antonio Alcaraz. Until 2nd of July.
  • Alba Cabrera Gallery, (València). “Natural diaspores”, Tatiana Blanque. Until 4th of June.
  • La mercería, (València). “Scapeland”, Peter Kuba. Until 17th of June.
  • Thema, (València). “A speech out of context”, Eugeni Simó and Ángel Celada. From 9th of June to 2nd of July.
  • Rosas Santos Gallery, (València). “Micro-rebellions” y “The pandemic justifies everything”, Mira Bernabeu. Until 8th of July. 
  • Jorge López Gallery, (València). “Monument”, Matías Ercole. Until 17th of June. 
  • Set Espai d’Art, (València). “Animal lamina”, Isidro Ferrer. Until 4th of June.
  • Set Espai d’Art, (València). “Ending”, Diana Lelonek. From 17th of June to 30th of July.
  • Luis Adelantado Gallery, (València). “Open broken”, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Esperanza Collado, Marius Engh, Ana Martinez Fernández, Monica Mays, Alex Reynolds, Alfredo Rodríguez, Victor Santamarina, Yann Sérandour, Reme Silvestre, Álvaro Urbano, Kristin Wenzel y Leticia Ybarra. Until 30th of August. 
  • Shiras Gallery, (València). “Time suspended”, Carlos Sebastiá. Until 17th of June. 
  • Vangar Gallery, (València). “The repetition”, Paul Pinto. Until 25th of June.

Reyes Martínez, member of the management board of LAVAC and director of the gallery Set Espai d’Art, has declared thatwith this project curated by José Luis Clemente we aim to give visibility to the work performed by the galleries as spaces for meeting and communication, where artists with their works and projects interpret the relationship with the world, discovering other ways in which we can relate to each other.”

José Luis Clemente, curator of the programme “Today is tomorrow”, has emphasized that “this is the first time that contemporary art has been part of the activities and alliances of the World Design Capital since it was held for the first time in 2008.  Art and design are spheres of contemporary creation that share a common space. These alliances are not only necessary for the development of creativity and innovation, but they also provide great social value.”

The graphic concept of “Hoy es mañana” has been designed by Antonio Ballesteros in collaboration with the artist LUCE. 

Contemporary art and design are spheres of creation that share an ample space for action and work. Over the course of the twentieth century, and especially after the appearance of the Bauhaus, that space was gradually enlarged. The European Union has recently launched the NEB initiative as a platform for convergence, bringing the principles of the Bauhaus up to date. Its aims include the design of new ways of living which include the confluence of art, culture, social inclusion, sustainability, science and technology. 

These aims require collective participation to build a better and more beautiful future for everybody. Art and design share these aims, and the holding of World Design Capital Valencia 2022 offers the ideal opportunity to express them and allow them to take shape, promoting the awareness and participation of wide sectors of the public throughout the Valencian region.

Based on these considerations, the aims of this project are:

  • To contribute from contemporary art to espouse the challenges posed by the NEB in the holding of Valencia World Design Capital.
  • To give visibility to the work performed by the Contemporary Art Galleries of the Valencian Community in the setting of the Valencia World Design Capital programme, from the understanding of art as an open medium with which to represent the world.
  • To encourage the participation of broader and more diverse sectors of the public in the exhibition schedules of LAVAC, linking the participating public to the activities of Valencia World Design Capital and linking these activities to those developed by the galleries.
  • To reinforce the common space of contemporary creation shared by art and design, recognizing the significance of this close relationship and assuming the challenges of the NEB as a shared opportunity for transformation.
  • To contribute the values inherent to art such as, among others, creativity, innovation, research, reflection, communication and a critical spirit.