Jaime Hayon prepares a major retrospective exhibition in Valencia
15 Jul 2022 /

Jaime Hayon prepares a major retrospective exhibition in Valencia

The Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània (CCCC) and World Design Capital Valencia 2022 will present next September “Jaime Hayon: InfinitaMente”, the first large-format retrospective exhibition on the work of Jaime Hayon to be held in Spain. The exhibition will be on display at the Ferreres and Goerlich halls of the CCCC from September 22 to April 16, 2023.

Organized and produced by the Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana and the Centre del Carme, the exhibition addresses the artistic career of Jaime Hayon, National Design Award 2021, and an international benchmark, offering an approach to the artist’s personal universe and his creative process from a didactic approach.

‘Jaime Hayon: InfinitaMente’ will show a selection of the most emblematic works of this charismatic creator, both in the sphere of installations and artistic pieces as well as products for companies. The show will also include works that have never been presented in Spain, such as ‘Masquemask’, ‘Mesamachine’ or ‘Mediterranean Digital Baroque’, as well as large-format paintings and sculptures.

Hayon Universe

Visitors will be able to find a selection of products and furniture produced throughout 20 years of Hayon Studio, including unique or limited pieces along with samples of raw processes and materials, which will allow them to discover all the details that are not normally visible.

The exhibition also includes some of Hayon’s latest works in their purely artistic aspect, as well as the installation “Mediterranean Digital Baroque”, one of the designer’s first exhibitions, or “Masquemask”, an exhibition of 7 large-format tapestry-masks conceived for the LODZ Design Museum.

Glass and ceramics, major protagonists in Hayon’s work, will be the central theme of two of the rooms, whose central theme will be the creativity applied to the material and the search for various tools of expressiveness within each discipline.

The central section will be dedicated to the creative process behind pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories of a commercial nature, highlighting the ‘backstage’ of the creations and revealing the references, sources of inspiration and details of both industrial and artisanal production, which enrich the discourse and put the pieces in context. Also on display will be “sketchbooks”, i.e. notebooks and loose sketches, as well as various objects, samples and prototypes from Hayon’s more personal world.

Since he opened his studio in 2000, the multifaceted Jaime Hayon (Madrid, 1974) applies his personal imaginary to everything he does, without distinction between the various areas of action in which he works: from design to art, crafts, interior design or painting. Hayon is a serious and rigorous designer, orderly and methodical, who effectively and meticulously resolves the questions of function and use of the objects he designs, but he is also a creator who explores the blurred border between design and art in pieces in which responding to a function is not at all the main objective.

More information: https://www.consorcimuseus.gva.es/