Valencia 360º. A Glimpse at the city of the future

Valencia 360º. A Glimpse at the city of the future

What will Valencia look like in 2050? How will technology impact the built environment? How will people live in public space? How will mobility evolve and shape the streets? In collaboration with Las Naves and directer by Non Architecture we are searching for creative designers or teams with great architectural visualization skills and motivated to explore together new perspectives for the future of the city of Valencia (Spain).

Five locations of Valencia will be analyzed and redesigned to showcase their possible evolution. Five design teams selected out of this call will produce a 360º view. In one image, half will show a dystopian future (180º) and the other half a utopian vision (180º).

The innovative project outcome is matched with an innovative approach to design. For each location, a design team picked through this Open Call will collaborate with Non A Studio to deliver conceptual creative designs. Five international teams will independently develop their own vision for the assignment. Non A Studio will curate the process, provide background research and assist the designers. The 360º visualizations will be artistic representations of these future scenarios and participants will receive monetary compensation (1500€).

We can consider “Architecture” everything that has already been designed and/or built that would define a realm of conventional solutions, often repeated in a self-referential system. We imagined a counterpart, a “Non Architecture”. A world of unexplored designs and countless possibilities, that if found, could enlarge and change permanently the boundaries of architecture. A universe of chances and opportunities never challenged by architects before. A limitless field of investigation that includes everything that is not architecture, yet.

Non Architecture aims to find unconventional and unexplored design solutions in the field of architecture. The Valencia 360º project will show possible and imaginable future scenarios for the city of Valencia in 2050 through 360º visualizations of relevant public spaces.

More information about the project: Open Call Valencia 360


The submission will be until Sunday, March 14th 23:59h (CET).

This call is open to motivated teams of up to 5 people who are interested in developing powerful images that explore Valencia in 2050 together with Non Architecture. This could be you! Are you …?

1. Curious about Valencia and its futures
2. Excellent at visualizing engaging scenes
3. Thrilled about design for futures
4. Available for a collaborative project during 2021
5. Interested in creating knowledge through design

If there are any questions about the Open Call, candidates can get in touch with Non Architecture by sending an email to by March 14st 2021.


  • If this sounds like you, get on-board! We are looking for designers (architects, urbanists, artists...) who are interested and available to dedicate some hours a week for 6 months to develop a vision for the city Valencia of in 2050.
  • Please send a short presentation in PDF format (horizontal, A4, 150dpi, max. 5MB) containing the following:

    • A 100-word description of the team
    • List the members of the team (max.5) and their background. Go beyond the data and explain your experience and strengths together and separated.
    • 3 self-developed visuals with an image caption each Show us that you are a visualization expert by sharing your best visuals. We appreciate personal style and innovative techniques. Any VR experience? Please share that too!
    • 3 images that inspire you with an image caption each We want to get to know your references on public space, what you have in mind for this project, what your personal imaginary is. Write a caption explaining why these images are relevant to you and the project.
  • Drop files here or
    • We will select candidates based on the quality of the selfdeveloped visuals, their innovative ideas on both public space and the city in addition to the appropriateness of the references presented.