Presentation of the TiposQueImportan project
02 Jul 2021 /

Presentation of the TiposQueImportan project

A plea for the conservation and recovery of graphic heritage as an identifying element of cities besieged by gentrification processes. This was the starting point for the presentation of the TiposQueImportan project in the studio “The Sea” in the Veles e Vents building. An initiative supported by an online platform created by graphic designer Miguel Maestro and which forms part of the programme of World Design Capital Valencia 2022.

Maestro himself presented the project in the studio designed by ClapStudio, where he listed the aims of TiposQueImportan, its relevance and the whole creative process that has culminated in a web project with its own corporate identity and with a clearly collaborative vocation.

TiposQueImportan is set at the intersection of three key elements: the shop or business sign, the city and heritage. The exact point where these three concepts meet is the intended target of this project which consists, as Miguel Maestro explained, of four dimensions: one creative, with initiatives such as workshops and classes for children; another for the cataloguing and conservation of existing signs; a third dimension related to innovative methodologies and systems for dissemination that are able to attract and interest younger members of the public; and finally a participative dimension, opening the platform to collaboration by anybody who is interested.

“TiposQueImportan is a space for the everyday, for the conservation and enhancement of the creativity that can be found in every street of Valencia,” explained Maestro.

“We have undertaken an ambitious review of our history via the shop sign. In Valencia it is possible to admire this art and craft in its pure state, within reach of anybody who looks up, without the need to go to a museum. Most of the signs have been created by anonymous people who, with more or less awareness, have contributed decisively to building the personality of our cities,” he pointed out.

The director of World Design Capital Valencia 2022, Xavi Calvo, in his presentation, reminded the audience that the identity of a city is written, to a large extent, on those shop signs that have formed (and still form) part of the everyday life of its inhabitants.

“From the Design Capital organisation, we see all these projects that we host as the first paving stones on the road towards the enhancement of design in the city. Typography and so many other examples of graphic design genuinely express the character of our city. Identifying them and treasuring them means protecting art and conserving our own history of life and memories.”

The presentation of TiposQueImportan, a project that also includes a short documentary on typographic design and Valencian signwriters, concluded with a presentation by Rosa López, of the Iberian Network in Defence of Graphic Heritage. This organisation works to recuperate and reuse the commercial signs of cities threatened by a “gentrification that levels identities” and leads to a loss of memories: “People give meaning to signs with their memories and their experiences. It is not just a material conservation of the sign, but also a sentimental heritage.”

The event, held at the studio “The Sea” in the Veles e Vents building, concluded with an interesting round table with the participation of the signwriter Ricardo Moreno; designer Juan Nava, promoter of the project Letras Recuperadas, Rosa López, and Marta García Pastor, responsible for Heritage within the Local Authority of Valencia.