‘Jo de disseny no sé res’, design for everybody
23 Sep 2021 /

‘Jo de disseny no sé res’, design for everybody

From the outside it is common to consider design as a discipline that has little to do with the average person, requiring a visual sensitivity that few people possess, and even an advanced intelligence to be able to appreciate minor aesthetic variations.

One of the tasks of Valencia as World Design Capital in 2022 is to put a stop to that confusion, and to bring people closer to a much more simple, familiar and even fun view of design. With this aim, and in cooperation with Valencia City Council and Visit València, a small but symbolic process was implemented: the creation of a comic.

This comic is a true declaration of intentions: “Jo de disseny no sé res” (I don’t know anything about design), an illustrated story drawn by somebody who doesn’t draw, Rosana Martínez Vanaclocha, a trained architect, who became Rosita to star in this highly autobiographic comic.

In it, Rosita, her alter-ego, shows Andrea, her Italian partner, the good things about the design that can be found in the city, in the higher spheres, but also in daily life, inside our homes. Along the way, Andrea and Rosita encounter classic design references, such as Vicent Martínez, Mariscal or Marisa Gallén, and other more recent names such as Diego Mir or Dídac Ballester.

The story progresses in a linear manner, without great abstract conceptuality and with simple, two-dimensional drawings, seeking to transmit a clear message: design is everywhere, if we look for it. And in Valencia, much more.

Project presentation

After its conception and completion, the moment came to present the project in society. Thus, on 21 September at the Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Valencia (Regional Association of Architects of Valencia) the comic was presented to a full auditorium. With the irreverence of María Zamora as presenter, the audience spent an enjoyable interval learning about the origin of the project and turning its pages for the first time.

Carlos Salazar, member of the Association of Architects of Valencia and Xavi Calvo, director of #WDC2022, introduced the event, providing context on the dimensions of the project, which seeks to make the general public more familiar with design.

We would like to thank those who supported this initiative, from the audiencia to the CTAV, Valencia City Council and Visit València.