PID, programme for innovation through design
29 Apr 2021 /

PID, programme for innovation through design

The first programme for innovation through design of World Design Capital Valencia 2022, led by Innova&Acción.

Design is an increasingly necessary element in organisations, which is not limited to a specific area or to a single process. It can and should be incorporated throughout the company, and especially in any type of innovation since, furthermore, professionals of this discipline have the ability to connect creativity and innovation in their daily work. This is a challenge for companies today in any sector.


New ‘Programme for innovation through design’

In view of the challenges posed by the context of today’s world, we believe it is time to show that design offers methodologies and ways of working that can prove very useful for organisations: therefore, we present, together with innova&acción, the ‘Programme for innovation through design’ (PID), a programme implemented in cooperation with Valencia City Council and IVACE. 

It is time to show that design offers methodologies and ways of working that can prove very useful for organisations.

Who is this programme intended for?

  • For companies and organisations that wish to activate innovation and improvement through mindful decision-making methodologies, the inclusion of customers in their improvement and innovation processes, the use of projects as a way of working, and innovation through design on a daily basis.
  • For professional designers who wish to transition from the executive to the strategic plane, who are interested in the field of innovation and business, who want to make the most of their competences and skills in a differential manner and seek different environments for their development.

Companies and organisations can include their own professionals on the PID or consult the details of the open innovation experience proposed via the programme.

Further details on participation plans and modes can be found on the website of Innova&acción

The first PID ran for three months, beginning on 19 April.

Grupo Gimeno, Grupo Ribera, KOO International, Logopost, Norauto, Point, Simetría Grupo and Teika are the eight organisations that chose to take part in this first edition of the PID, organised and led by Innova&acción, with the sponsorship of DS Smith Tecnicarton and Monobo.

The teaching staff for the PID comprises leading professionals in the field of design and innovation including, among others, Olga Broto, Juan Pastor, Ricardo Estellés, Cristian Figueroa, Néstor Guerra, Oswaldo Lorenzo, Ramón Puchades and Xènia Viladàs.

Design represents the connection between technology, science and culture.

During the presentation of the programme, on 23 February, Luis Calabuig (vice-president of the Associació València Capital del Disseny) highlighted that “The PID arose in the setting of an initiative with international repercussions, with the aim of emphasising the quality of professional designers, making them the main agents for social change and business innovation.”

For his part, Juan Pastor (academic director of the PID) stressed that “In Spain, innovation has sometimes been seen exclusively as R&D&I, whereas non-technological innovation is also able to generate differential value.”

Olga Broto, director of innova&acción and of the PID, pointed out the need to “consider the professional designer as a fundamental part of the innovation strategy in an organisation, among other things because they have the ability to create from nothing.”

The programme is now underway and a number of prestigious companies and designers are participating in training on innovation and design.

Consult the PID website for all the information on this initiative.