TiposQueImportan, a project to protect and disseminate urban graphic heritage
08 Jul 2021 /

TiposQueImportan, a project to protect and disseminate urban graphic heritage

The typesetter and graphic designer Miguel Maestro, with the support of World Design Capital Valencia 2022, has promoted the project TiposQueImportan, an initiative to recover and protect the urban graphic heritage of the city.

The aim of the project is to delve into the history of Valencian graphic design and its fundamental role in daily life, giving value to this creativity that has set the seed for today’s award-winning Valencian design and, therefore, one of the reasons for which Valencia has been selected World Design Capital for 2022.

The participative platform that supports the project, tiposqueimportan.com, arises with the aim of documenting, exploring, disseminating and serving as inspiration, contributing to the conservation and diffusion of local culture via the recovery of Valencian shop and business signs.

Rooted in the idea that society can be the co-creator of a better, more sustainable, Mediterranean and human city, this action will lead to the better archiving of the business signs of Valencia and will serve as a meeting point for all those who wish to know more about the wealth of imagery that adorns their neighbourhood.


The web page has been set up as a virtual showcase where anybody who is interested can upload a photo of a business they have known all their life and which still has its original sign.

The documentary nature of TiposQueImportan will also take shape in a short film directed by Miguel Maestro and produced thanks to the support of World Design Capital Valencia 2022. The audiovisual film will present the people that, in the nineteen-sixties and brush in hand, began to fill the streets of Valencia with colour and warmth, as well as designers who have helped preserve this heritage, historians and citizens who, with small contributions, continue to protect this legacy.

TiposQueImportan belongs to the Iberian Network in Defence of Graphic Heritage, which unites different local projects of the Iberian Peninsula with an overall aim: to safeguard and protect all the commercial graphics of our streets as graphic heritage.