“Valencia 360” imagines the city in 2030 through the eyes of five emerging creative teams
06 Oct 2021 /

“Valencia 360” imagines the city in 2030 through the eyes of five emerging creative teams

The Project ¨Valencia 360¨ propelled by World Design Capital Valencia 2022 in collaboration with the innovation center Las Naves of the City Council of Valencia and directed by the independent organization Non Architecture Studio, has revealed the teams chosen to create the five images in 360 degrees of different locations around the city that reflect the future of Valencia in both dystopic and utopic visions.

The Valencian Quatre Caps, CLAB Atelier, and Rarea; the Zimbabwean architect Lloyd Martin and the young design students Ex Figura, formed by 2 Portuguese and Italian architects, are the teams selected to develop the different images of the city of Valencia in 2030. Taking references from five emblematic locations (The Huerta, the beach, the center, the new Túria channel and the Miramar tower), they will capture their creative idea through a 360-degree virtual image in which they will show two sides of the same coin; 180 degrees of a utopian vision and 180 degrees of a dystopic vision.

For every location, each team selected will collaborate with Non Architecture Studio to create the design for their vision of the theme ¨Valencia 2030¨. Non Architecture have used their own method of design which they have called ‘Gamification’; it consists of developing the project by overcome 12 levels that get increasing more difficult, in which you can win ‘bonus points’. Once presented with the images, the public will vote for their favourite, and these points will then be added to the previous bonus points to choose a winner who will be awarded a prize.

In the words of Xavi Calvo, director general of World Design Capital Valencia 2022, ¨Valencia 360 will demonstrate in an impactful, visual way our will to transform the city and everything that comes with a unique opportunity to reflect on the Valencia of the future. The new generation of designers are capable and of participating and even leading a debate about the cities that we want not far in the future. Valencia 360, like so many other projects and initiatives launched by World Design Capital Valencia, it aims to build a discourse and create a legacy that will go far beyond 2022.