What do World Design Capital 2022 and European Green Capital 2024 have in common?
11 Nov 2022 /

What do World Design Capital 2022 and European Green Capital 2024 have in common?

Valencia is setting the pace in terms of wellbeing and sustainability: it has been proclaimed European Green Capital for the year 2024 after a whole year of its official programme as World Design Capital. But what do both titles have in common?

Valencia has performed successfully across the 12 indicators set by Europe, comprising air quality; noise; waste management; water quality; nature and biodiversity; mobility; governance; land use; eco-innovation; climate change mitigation and adaptation, and energy performance.

The setting chosen to announce the designation was Agora Valencia, the nerve centre of the city situated at a distance of 972 km from Grenoble, the city that currently holds the title of Green Capital 2022 and where the European Commission wished to reveal the next city to which the baton would be passed for two years.

Below are 7 connections between the two projects:

  • They imply a collective process involving residents, and they engage public institutions, associations, companies and the entire social and cultural fabric of the city.
  • Both World Design Capital and European Green Capital work to improve the space in which residents live and, as a consequence, their lives as a whole.
  • They have a positive impact and raise the profile of Valencia abroad, making it more attractive to visitors, talent and investments.
  • They offer the opportunity to place the focus not only on a specific programme for the year during which the title is held, but also on an entire long-term legacy project.
  • They place local talent and creativity at the service of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • They enable the application ofprototyping to public policies, as well as the monitoring of results and influencing of decision-making to achieve better results.
  • And, since it could not be otherwise, they contribute toincreasing pride in belonging among all residents.

The city on the river Turia has been chosen by the European Commission as a reference in environmental policies, becoming the second Spanish city to attain this distinction, after it was achieved by Vitoria in 2012. This proclamation represents a unique opportunity for Valencia to position itself as a European leader in green practices to achieve a better and more sustainable future.

Let local creativity and talent lead the way.