WORLD DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Citrus Spray, by Papila Studio (with the collaboration of joanrojeski)
05 Dec 2022 /

WORLD DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Citrus Spray, by Papila Studio (with the collaboration of joanrojeski)

The origin of the project lies in another product designed by Alberto Arza, founder of Papila Studio, and which was a straw with a spray to enable other people to try one’s drink.

The concept is an original idea which arose from a project by Papila, a design studio specialized in the world of food and drink, that focused on how to obtain the most natural flavours by intervening as little as possible in the product. Citrus Spray arose from the fusion between that design, the straw with a spray, and the idea of being able to drink directly from the fruit.

After presenting it and ascertaining the interest generated in a client, Alberto Arza invited the designer Jordi Olucha, of Joanrojeski Estudi, so that they could develop it together.

Citrus Spray, marketed by kitchenware company Lékué, is a squeezer that enables the juice to be sprayed directly from the fruit, which is thus its own natural packaging.

This utensil in spray format, internationally patented, provides a touch of flavour to dress any dish or aromatize drinks or cocktails easily, while preventing, in turn, the loss of vitamins and oxidation of the juice.

Its design enables it to be inserted easily into the fruit, guaranteeing stability by means of a ring, and it filters the juice so that it is sprayed without pulp or pips. It is available in two formats to enjoy different varieties of citruses: a long version for lemons, oranges or grapefruits, and another shorter one for limes and mandarins. Furthermore, it incorporates a supporting base to serve the fruit at the table.

The development of the entire project, from its conception to its release on the market, took two years. The greatest challenges were threefold. First, to unite in a single piece all the functions of twisting and filtering of the juice to be able to prepare the liquid for spraying. Second, to carry out an exhaustive search for a standard atomizer that performed its function and met food standards. And lastly, to be able to patent this new type of product and thus protect it.

This design has received prestigious recognitions such as the ADI-FAD Delta Selection 2013 and the Award for Design and Technological Innovation of Madrid Fusión, and it has been exhibited in cities such as Milan, Paris, Oporto, Lodz, Budapest, Ljubljana, Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Mexico City… It is also one of the few Spanish designs to have been selected for sale in the MoMA design shop.

For the company Lékué, which revolutionized cooking products in a simple and healthy way, Citrus Spray became one of its most iconic products, recognized around the world, and was responsible for the firm’s receiving the National Design Award in the companies category in 2013.

In its 10 years of existence not only has it had a great deal of success and repercussion with numerous sales, but dozens of copies, versions and other tributes have appeared all around the world. Despite the patent, some of them have reached the market and Papila now has a large collection of these copies in its studio.

Photography: Marc Virgili and Papila Studio.