World Design Spotlight: «Zara Packaging»
27 Jun 2022 /

World Design Spotlight: «Zara Packaging»

The designers Nacho Lavernia (National Design Award 2012) and Alberto Cienfuegos, who were teacher and student, have combined their talents in Lavernia&Cienfuegos. The studio is located in the centre of Valencia, on the Mediterranean coast, in a house dating from 1905 and surrounded by gardens. 

A calm, light and stimulating working environment for this studio where they believe that, as well as functionality and beauty, design must have something else. And that something else is the emotional component that connects directly with the user.

This is a philosophy that attracted such a strong and omnipresent company as ZARA, part of the Inditex group. The studio is responsible for the design of the firm’s children’s fragrances, so it should come as no surprise that the group trusted them and their philosophy: packaging is communication and it must be brave. “Without risk there is no innovation”.

ZARA asked us to redesign their best-seller range of women’s fragrances. The brief stated that the new design should be an evolution from the previous one so that customers would continue to recognize the collection. They wanted us to focus on the bottle and cap and to leave the box almost the same as it was.”

Lavernia&Cienfuegos explain, from their studio, that “until then, they had used a cube-shaped bottle with very pronounced edges, a model similar to others on the market, too standard, with a cylindrical cap”. 

“Therefore, we set to work on volumetric forms that were also cubes but looking for that certain ‘something’ that would give it sufficient character. We rounded the edges, slightly curved the faces, and created a curved transition to join the shoulders of the bottle with the cap, also rectangular, so that it looks like a prolongation of the glass”, they elucidate.

Nos pusimos a trabajar en formas de volumen también cúbico, pero buscando ese "algo" que le diera suficiente carácter".

“The result is a more feminine and attractive bottle than the previous one, and it is also perceived as being of higher quality, since it weighs more”.

“There are seven fragrances in all which are divided into two groups. One, with transparent glass and black lids. The other group, that of the more sophisticated perfumes, with black, red or white tinted class”.

These bottles have been on sale in Zara, throughout the world, for seven years, “which, considering the usual rhythm of changes in the company, has been an extremely long period that speaks volumes about the acceptance and success of this design”.


Photography: Lavernia&Cienfuegos.